Eles amam o Quebec mas estão se mudando para o Oeste

Recentemente o jornal Global Mail fez esta reportagem e aconselho os futuros imigrantes que estão perto de vir para o Canadá ou que ainda estão pensando em vir que estudem bem sobre o local aonde desejam morar, principalmente sobre as oportunidades de trabalho. Infelizmente o que está acontecendo no momento é que a cada dia cresce mais o número de imigrantes que foram para o Quebec e depois de alguns meses acabam se mudando para Alberta, Saskatchewan ou Manitoba, inclusive tem acontecido com muitos brasileiros de virem para Calgary.

Alguns pontos importantes que achei na reportagem:

* They had neither jobs nor a place to live. But they were sure it was the right decision (Quebec).

* Quebec is “very beautiful, very clean,”...But they could not see a future, not one with gainful employment, anyway, and at least seven other couples they know have come to the same conclusion.

* Statistics Canada figures for the first 11 months of this year show that Quebec has by far the country’s highest unemployment rate for immigrants, at 11.5 per cent. It also has a higher unemployment gap between immigrants and non-immigrants than any other province.

* In those five years, Quebec has lost more than 40,000 residents through interprovincial migration

* By last year, more than 62,000 newcomers who arrived between 2000 and 2009 had gone

* The more educated immigrants were, the likelier they were to pack up.

* We have better chances out west

* “I have some friends [in Montreal] who are writing their theses,” she says. “They are almost at the end of their education. And they told us they plan to come to Calgary.”

Sem dúvida seria muito bom se a econômia atual estivesse bem em qualquer lugar e que os imigrantes conseguissem um trabalho descente independente de onde eles escolhessem morar, mas este não é cenário atual no Canadá.

A economia está crescendo mas a passos bem lentos e a tendencia é que permaneça assim por muito tempo. Quem sabe em alguns anos este cenário mude e oportunidades voltem a apareçer em qualquer lugar do país.

Reportagem: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/new-canadians-love-quebec-but-theyre-leaving-it/article6673482/?page=all

Canada census shows people moving west: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2012/02/08/census-2011-main.html

18 + 1 Razões para se Mudar para Calgary

1. Calgary has been ranked as the worlds #1 Eco-City by the Mercer QoL survey for 2011 out of 320 cities surveyed! This survey takes into consideration things such as water drink-ability and accessibility, sewage system quality, garbage extraction and the amount of pollution and traffic. Less pollution and efficient water and sewage systems means a healthier atmosphere while living in the big city.

2. The same Mercer Quality of Life survey ranked Calgary #17 in the world for personal safety and #33 for best city in the world for 2011. People aren’t concerned while walking down the street at night for the most part because the city is one of Canadas safest major cities!

3. The downtown plus 15 system is the largest inside connective walkway system of its kind in the world making life warm if working down town during the cold seasons. Inner city living has never been easier with convenient access to inside shopping centres and businesses using the plus 15 system.

4. Calgary has the highest amount of head offices in Canada per capita and additionally over 40% of the worlds oil and gas companies call Calgary home. This means more job opportunities for persons looking for work or who are already established but are looking to relocate.

5. Calgary is a home to one of Canadas largest airports and is a major logistics and distribution centre that connects western and eastern Canada. This means more jobs too and a thriving transportation, storage and logistics sector.

6. Economist magazine in 2006 named the city as a must see destination for business travelers abroad; placing #2 to be exact.

7. YYC leads Canada with the youngest, most educated personnel in the country. About 60 percent of Calgarians have attended post-secondary institutions for education. If you are young and are looking for opportunities this city is the place to be.

8. Alberta has led North America in the jobs market since 2000. The completion of the Trans-Canada Pipeline in the late 1950’s helped to advance Calgary forward and become the world-wide energy bastion it is today. This means jobs, and lots of them. Approximately 20,000 people have moved to Calgary in 2011. Alberta also is home to 95% of Canada’s oil reserves which rank 3rd in the world for total reserves and 1st in the world for democratic, invest able oil reserves.

9. 1912 was the first Calgary Stampede and Exhibition. To date the event has become one of the most unique and flavourful rodeos in the world, seeing approximately 1.2 million plus visitors each year. The Stampede is the greatest outdoor show on Earth for a very good reason! 2012 is the 100 year celebration! Yahoo!

10. Since the hosting of the Winter Olympics in 1988, Calgary’s population has increased nearly 50% from 600,000 to 1.2 million. Population continues to increase every year because of the vast job and investment opportunities available in the region. The quality of life in Calgary is hard to rival. The economist magazine has ranked the city the 5th best city to live in the entire world for 2010 and 2011.

11. Calgary has multiple redevelopment projects in place for inner city areas because of the dramatic growth of population. The city is about the same size as the city of New York but only has about 10% of the population that New York does. Outer suburban communities have astounding privacy while new inner city condo developments add more living opportunities for urban dwellers.

12. Calgary’s Folk Music Festival is hosted by Prince’s Island Park downtown and has recently been named one of the 7 musical wonders of the planet by the Globe and Mail. There are many events around town that are renowned internationally, bringing leisure and fun for the whole family.

13. While we are on the “note” of music, a new National Music Centre to be built in the newly redeveloped East Village community is in the planning stages. The National Music Centre will put Calgary on the map in terms of exposing our home grown talent to the international music community and will be a beginning for many successful musicians and artists.

14. Calgary is a youthful city full of excitement and scores of wonderful people, where the average age is 35.7 years. Youthful populace brings energy and dedication to the workplace and family living and values to the city.

15. Naheed Nenshi was elected Calgary’s Mayor in recent years. Turns out that he is the first Muslim Mayor ever on the continent. This speaks to the level of acceptance that Calgarians typically have for different cultures and religions other than their own. Calgary is a multi-cultural and diverse city that welcomes and supports everyone!

16. Encana’s Bow Tower project will be the tallest office tower building at 58 stories, next only to Toronto’s First Canadian Place which is 72 stories. (The Bow was suppose to be 70 stories but shading concerns lowered the height to 58). This is the tallest building in Canada outside of Toronto and is the only Foster designed building in Canada!

17. Calgary is a place where people in front of you hold the door for you, a place where people say please and thank you and almost always give you the respect you deserve. I can honestly say that these actions, even though miniscule in the broader spectrum of life, do add up and can sometimes effect the way people feel about living in the place they do. What do you think? Let me know below!

18. Calgary has been rated the 5th best city to live in the world 3 years in a row by the Economist Magazine.

19. Em Calgary temos a igreja mais legal para Brasileiros do Canadá (quem faz parte de alguma igreja no Brasil sabe o quanto isso faz falta), e os retiros que fazemos são de tirar o fôlego ! Visite: www.cristaosbrasileiros.ca

Fonte: http://bestcalgaryhomes.com/many-reasons-to-relocate-to-calgary

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